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What’s Your Dream?

Are you ready to co-create MIRACLES and turn your possibilities into your reality?

WTFrick is RE-Invention coaching and how do you know if its right for you? The beauty is that there is no one size fits all in RE-Invention or in the coaching that goes along with it. It means different things for all of us!

It could be that you are a “future-preneur” who dreams of starting a full-time business of your own but don’t have a clue where to start. Maybe you want to explore the excitement of a new career or industry but are paralyzed by fears, doubts and beliefs around whether or not you will be successful.

Perhaps you want to build a “side hustle” that brings in some extra income while you keep your full-time gig. Or it could be that you just feel like you need to reconnect or uncover the meaning and passion in your life or relationships.

The bottom line is that if you feel like you are at a crossroads and are ready to change your life (CHANGE – not make a little tweak, make it marginally better, or cover up the bad parts of it…), then RE-Invention coaching may be for you!

Listen, I’ve been there, I get it! I am the only child of a hard-working single mother. Her work ethic and sacrifice taught me a lot about character and integrity but I was also raised in an environment where it was understood as the “truth” that everything in this world happens TO us.

I believed that we were victims of our circumstances, the universe would never give us a break and we were not in control of our reality at all! Sound familiar?

Despite my emotional pain, ridicule from kids all through my school years and a general sense that I never truly belonged, I somehow became “successful” – or so I thought.

I was making over $100k as the Director of a Tech Firm at age 25 but was MISERABLE!

I was 332 lbs, anxious, stressed, depressed, was damaging relationships with people I cared about and felt like my work defined me. I was identity-less!

I was in such need of love, acceptance and security though, that I stuck around WAY past when I should have and didn’t make the investment in myself and my future to change things for the better until it was almost too late.

Then, even when I took the leap, risked it all and became an entrepreneur, I still screwed up! The company I started, while full of promise, award-winning, funded by investors and with revenue coming in the door, still closed within 2 years of opening. There were lots of reasons, none of which really matter now and ya know what…I’m THRILLED that it failed!

The missing link in these experiments and the reason true happiness and fulfillment continued to escape me had nothing to do with what I was doing but instead, who I was being!

I finally discovered through studying some of the worlds greatest thought-leaders and having the honor of being coached and mentored by some of the greatest transformational individuals I have ever met, that developing a Million Dollar Mindset was the secret to being able to play at a level that is greater than I had ever imagined and find long-term joy!

I view these realizations and successes to be miracles and I’m absolutely committed to serving and co-creating the same kinds of miracles with you!

Learn from my failures and my successes!

I have not only overcome those setbacks but flourished and thrived in the process by revamping how I approach the challenges and opportunities that life presents to me on a daily basis. I have truly healthy relationships, a healthy body and know that if you are as 1000% dedicated to being the King or Queen you were born to be, that I can help you RE-Invent yourself, conquer your fears and create something EPIC!

I know it can be scary to think about reinventing yourself, especially when all of these years you have been defined by the title under your name on your business card or by the people you have associated with or the thoughts that you have made into your truths.

But that title, those people and those thoughts are NOT who you are, not by a long shot! You are so much more! You have passion, a purpose, a cause that is greater than yourself and you want to build something sustainable and massively successful that benefits you and society as a whole!

I can help you uncover your internal compass, your Life and Business GPS if you will (what energizes and inspires you), your true purpose and the authentic YOU so we can create a plan that will ultimately help you find success and happiness in your personal and professional life!

openeyes2I know you well…

Maybe you are afraid of looking like a failure to your family and friends when you RE-Invent yourself. Or maybe you just don’t think you are BLANK enough (smart, good, rich, experienced, creative, etc) to live an EPIC life.

That inevitably leads to emptiness, procrastination, fear of being judged, not being accepted or loved and of being vulnerable to the world.

I know all of this, because it is MY story too! I am no guru, I’m still a work in progress myself, but I believe I have made enough progress that I can truly be of service to you, right now, exactly where and how you need it!

You don’t have to do it alone…

There is a much smarter way to get through the heavy lifting of RE-Inventing yourself. Coaching and mentorship centered around getting your psychology to be rock solid (we are talking mind set again here) coupled with a plan of bold action and accountability so that your outer world can be all that you desire, is THE SECRET SAUCE SHORTCUT to discovering sustainable happiness and fulfillment!

You may want to be able to support yourself (and your family) working on your own business right (or at least have a job that doesn’t drain your will to live everyday)? Some of you may want the freedom to have a business that you can run from anywhere that has an internet connection or cell phone access. You want to feel confident in your abilities and do work that doesn’t FEEL like work.

You want to feel like life has purpose and the people that you attract love you and deserve to be in your life. You would like to be able to build up your COURAGE muscle so that you can successfully embrace and overcome fear and uncertainty in all aspects of your life, right?

I am fully committed to your success, but ONLY if you are!

Commitment in this process is everything. No matter how much the rest of this page got you pumped up about making significant changes to have the life you have always dreamed of, please don’t click to schedule your life-changing coaching conversation unless you are going to be 1000% committed to the process.  

That commitment includes a significant investment in time, money and energy and the transformation you will experience will make it all worth it!

I ONLY work with passionate and powerful people who are excited, optimistic, accountable, responsible, open-minded, brave, and dedicated to learning and LIVING the wisdom, tools and strategies we discuss FOR LIFE, not just for the duration of our coaching together. If you are raising your hand, jumping up and down and talking to the screen saying, “THAT’S ME, THAT’S ME!” then by all means, continue on!

Beyond having fun and being playful, getting creative and taking impactful and consistent action, here is what you can expect to receive from our time together.

As of RIGHT THIS SECOND, I am giving you the permission to:

  • Develop a deep understanding of your real purpose and the values that drive your happiness and to do work that fulfills both
  • Rid yourself of the need for everyone’s approval or validation
  • Become a fear-conquering, doubt-smashing master of your own destiny
  • Go to bed feeling fulfilled and wake up feeling excited MUCH more often
  • Learning to embrace the authentic “you” and to live that way unapologetically
  • Communicate to the world who you are and what you do with conviction
  • Gain the freedom you have always wanted in your life and career
  • Build confidence that will reach to every aspect of your life
  • Overcome procrastination and become a person of ACTION in your life!



Ok, now it is YOUR TURN to share YOUR vision!

If you are still here, you may be the exact right fit for one-on-one coaching. I put a LOT into my time with my clients and I aim to provide value that is above and beyond what any of them expected. If you are serious about moving forward, no matter what it takes, click here!

My goal in this chat is to provide as much as value as possible, to support you in your journey and to accelerate your results! Even if I don’t think we are a good fit, I can provide you some other resources that may be better suited to your needs. Either way, I want you to experience the fulfilling life you desire.

I look forward to meeting you to creating GREATNESS TOGETHER!

Lots of love and authentically yours,




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