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Welcome SAMAC – NARPM!

Extra Gifts and Goodies to Master the Art of (Self) Leadership!

Click here to listen to my interview with Lian Brook-Tyler in the UK for “The Born Happy Show” Podcast entitled: How to be a Self-Leader

Click here to listen to my interview with Theresa Campbell on The Art of (Self) Leadership

Click here to watch Episode 14 of The Not-So-Serious Life where we answer the question: “How can I avoid acting like a victim when a situation doesn’t go my way?”

And here are a few chapters from my upcoming book “Prison Break” on the power and practice of (Self) Leadership:

Your Life is Not a Correctional Facility

Show Up and Dance

Have No More Than One Bad Day Per Week

The Two Words That Lie and Limit Your Life

Small Ideas Can Change Your Life


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