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Video: The Power of Play and Improv

The stage had been set, literally.

After a month of preparation, lining up amazing guests, flying across the country, getting made-up and mic’d-up and sitting down on the couch, I was FINALLY ready to host and deliver an 8-HOUR LONG, live webinar for the 4,000+ people who signed up to see a professional, polished and massively valuable coaching “bootcamp”.

Then, less than an hour into the broadcast, while still getting my bearings, looking as much like a veteran host as possible, the veil is dropped.

Without notice, this $20k+ production is momentarily interrupted by our producer who’s head pops up in the camera, whack-a-mole style, as she tries to sneak by while a slide is put up on the screen so she can fix my mic.

I now literally have 1 second to decide how I will respond.  Do I pretend it didn’t happen? Do I keep the appearance of a perfectly executed show and “un-distractable” host alive, or do I break the 4th wall and embrace the gift of this situation?

You will have to watch this short (and really funny) clip to find out for yourself!

After you watch, ask yourself the following question anytime something unexpected (aka a gift) shows up in YOUR day:

“How can I use this?”

#everythingisFUEL #improvandplayruletheday


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