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The Million Dollar Mindset Experience

If this is your first time here, allow myself to introduce myself…

In my fairly short time on this earth, I have amassed tons of experience in being a victim, in being unhealthy (physically and in relationships), making a bunch of money, losing a bunch of money, being angry and stressed and yet somehow still “finding” happiness.

I’m convinced now, more than ever, that if I can do it, it can happen for literally anyone else and I’m committed to helping people see that for themselves.

Click here if you want to read WAY more about my story…

Now, onto the good stuff!

Want to learn how to make over $100k per year working 60+ hours per week, being super unhealthy, unhappy and with strained personal and professional relationships?

No? Good! Been there done that, got the t-shirt.  No desire to go back…

How about learning how to build a million dollar company with little to no effort while jet setting around the world and living like a Kardashian?

We aren’t going to do that here either and, even if we did, it wouldn’t really make you happy…

So why is this experience called “Million Dollar Mindset”?

Because it is my experience in transforming my own life and in coaching over 100 individuals, entrepreneurs and other inspiring and amazing human beings that mindset is the missing link to sustainable joy and happiness in our lives!

It is about having a mindset that’s so powerful and transformational that a stranger watching how you live your life and how you show up in the world would gladly pay a million dollars if they could plug in “Matrix” style and download it for themselves.

Oh, I get it, so this is all about the Law of Attraction and “woo-woo universal stuff”?

While I see nothing wrong with those things and see the power in many of the ideas, I am passionate about teaching what has specifically worked for my clients and me.

I am talking about the applicable distinctions, principles, coaching and wisdom I have received from my years of seeking out the best coaches and thought-leaders I could find and not just taking in the information, but using it for transformation.

Developing your mindset and skillset is the key to living a prosperous life.

Prosperity is about, both, what you need to DO and, more importantly, who you need to BE in order to feel happy, be fulfilled, make a difference and leave a legacy.

It is also about having fun (yes, fun!), being of service to others, acting playful and embracing the process while mastering your fear of the unknown.

It is learning to be highly involved in and committed to your journey while being fully detached from what you think it has to look like or when it must happen.

It is about being an owner of your life and the experiences you are creating!

This is the key that separates the happy from the miserable, the successful from the struggling, and the fulfilled from the empty wanderers.

I am certain that what I have assembled for you here (in large part due to the amazing teachers and mentors I have had in my own life) has the power to create a life, business, relationships and level of happiness that you may have never thought possible.

No “shelf-help” here, everything you will learn can be immediately applied in your life and business if you choose to.

No guarantees of course, it would be impossible for me to do that because I am only the vessel. If you don’t do the work you will not reap the rewards!

You will need to make that guarantee to yourself before you start the course and if you do, the transformation will happen!

I CAN promise that I will teach you everything I know about:

  • How to instantly take complete and total ownership of the ideal reality that you want to create! Regardless of how you were raised or the trials you have experienced, if you are ready to stop feeling so stressed, swamped and unhappy, this one is going to be huge! (FYI: this completely changed my life!)
  • Uncovering your Core Values and Signature Strengths! You will get super clear about what truly motivates, inspires and is important to you so you can go to bed fulfilled and wake up excited!
  • The simple way to get rid of worry for good! You will use your innate creativity to go from passive worry to an action-oriented, active state of mind, regardless of the situation at hand.
  • How to harness the power of focus and flow to create your “Masterpiece”. Imagine having a set of tools and simple strategies to live in an “average” way that will actually produce extraordinary results in your life!
  • The powerful distinction that will allow you to create strong and healthy relationships with any and everyone! No more fighting, arguments, misunderstandings or resentment with significant others, co-workers or friends.
  • How to ask for what you want! You have limitless potential and capabilities and once you know how to really get out there and make requests, without that nagging little voice telling you not to, you will be surprised at just how much awesome you can create in your world!

Wow, sounds like a lot of awesome, world-changing stuff!
What is this like a $75,000, 6-year Ph.D. program? 

That’s a hilarious question; I love your sense of humor! I can already tell we are going to have a blast together!

Yes, lots of awesomeness, no, you won’t need to mortgage your house or live off of ramen noodles to be a part of this group.

Though I have easily spent $75k on my own education and development over the last few years, the investment for this experience is $3,000 which covers the entire 3 month journey (though the connections and friendships you build will continue on forever).

I am only making 10 total spots available and am only accepting exceptional people who are truly a great fit (to date, I have turned away several people who are awesome, but not the right fit for this experience).

I don’t care if Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey or the Dalai Lama want to enroll in the 11th spot, it ain’t happening!

I was very conscious to price this experience at a level where you are really committed, have skin in the game and where it is an investment in your success over the course of a lifetime and not a financial burden.

I have learned first hand that:
insignificant investment = insignificant commitment = insignificant results.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

What does my investment include?

Here is what is included in the 3-month experience:

  • (7) Live, bi-weekly, 90-minute GROUP video calls.

    You, me and the other 9 MDMers will be virtually face-to-face and dive into a specific area of applicable wisdom that you can use immediately to create your ideal reality!

    I chose bi-weekly so that if you have something come up, you don’t have to worry about falling too far behind.

    (All calls will be recorded and sent out within 24 hours of the call so if you have to miss one, you will have a way to catch up.  I would avoid missing the calls if at all possible because there is so much power in our collective energy and live time together).

    We will also use this time to address any obstacles or opportunities that are in your world in real-time.I will give you access to the pre-fun (pre-work sounds like…well, work) exercises and books I have created for you to help you discover your values, strengths and the real “why” for your life and biz as well as tools for planning for and creating your “masterpiece” in the world!

    I am confident that if you really USE (not just listen to) the transformational wisdom that we will talk about on the VERY FIRST CALL, it will be worth the price of the entire course! I’m not kidding!

  • One-on-one coaching with me!

    Whatever your big, bold goal or mission is, I want to make sure you have the absolute best chance to succeed.

    So beyond the group work we will do, you and I will have TWO, private, one-on-one 60 minute sessions per month for each of the 3 months to dive deeper and move you forward toward creating your dream life!

    By the way, the price of this course is far cheaper than what it costs to coach with me exclusively one-on-one, so the included one-on-one time makes this even more of a deal!

  • Rockstar Accountability Partner (RAP)!

    Arguably the most powerful part of the programs I have been a part of has been the relationships with the other people in the group.

    Whether for accountability, support, and encouragement or just to vent, having someone that understands exactly what you are going through, is undergoing the same transformations and is a creative powerhouse that you can strategize with, is hugely beneficial!

    You will choose a different RAP each month and have weekly calls with them to support each other on anything that is going on in your world!

  • Super-secret Members-only Facebook Group!

    Adding one more element to the fantastic support system included in this program is the private FB group.This will not be open to anyone who is not a part of this program, ever.

    It will start off with just 10 but as more people attend the MDM experience, they will be added so you will have a team of like-minded rock stars who are there to serve and support you.

    How fantastic would it be knowing that no matter the time of day or where you are in the world, that for life, you will have access to a on-line group to brainstorm, get advice and direction and to be in community with!?

  • Other Goodies whenever I feel like it!

    I was taught the power of service by my coach Steve Chandler and that means surprising and astonishing people by going above and beyond what they may expect.

    This could mean I physically send you something (or multiple somethings) special that inspires me or any number of other things.

    Guess you will just have to be a part of the experience to find out!


There are some things in life that cross your path and you just know in your gut that it's a worth while investment. Joining this course was one of those things for me, and I am SO glad I trusted my gut on this one! I have had the opportunity to learn from some amazing and inspirational people. Jason is a dynamic leader who puts his whole heart into every call. His energy is truly infectious and I believe that I am a better person and coach because of his wisdom and loving pushes to BE my greatest self. It changed my life because it makes transformation possible in every moment of every day no matter what has happened in the moments before.

This is exactly what I want to do to create an epic life and business, where do I join?

Sorry there is no, “sign up now” PayPal button, because there is a very specific type of person I am looking for to join us and want to make sure this is a good fit for both of us before we make the co-commitment to focus on your greatness!

The truth is, not everyone who applies will be accepted.

In fact, several people have already been turned down because, although they were awesome, I just didn’t feel they were ready to play full-out and take ownership of their lives while supporting the rest of the group in doing the same.

Here are some characteristics I am looking for in the perfect play mate for this experience:

  • Believes that when they change the way they see the world, the world they see changes.
  • Has a track record of investing time, money, energy and enthusiasm to grow and prosper in their life.
  • Knows that their “created future” is infinitely more fulfilling, happy and prosperous than their “default future”.
  • Is comfortable with (or comfortable with being uncomfortable with) answering tough questions, being honest with themselves and the rest of the group and sharing and exploring how to create what it is that you really want.
  • Is ready to replace the boring and uninspiring stories they currently tell themselves about their own limitations and capabilities with one that is overflowing with possibilities, excitement, and joy!
  • Desires the support of (and to support) a like-minded group of world-rocking all stars.
  • Will show up as their authentic self, free from B.S. and open to being called out (with love of course) if they start playing small, reverting to old thinking or making excuses.
  • Understands that just because some of the stuff we talk about is deep, that we are a group focused on fun, love and creativity and will vow to bring that to every interaction!

The MDM Experience starts in August which is right around the corner!

So if you are serious about transforming into the person you were born to be and are ready to commit the time and financial resources to make that happen, email me now – Jason@MEometry.com to let me know you are interested and we will schedule a phone or Skype call to see if it is the right thing for you based on where you are right now and what you are looking to create.

I’m not going to try to “convince” you of anything – it’s just not how I operate.  This is a time for us to connect, for me to learn more about you and what would make this experience the most transformational one it can possibly be and to answer any questions you may have.

I can’t wait to set out on this journey with the select few of you who are ready to create your own Million Dollar Mindset that will serve you and allow you to serve those around you for the rest of your life!

Lots of love and Authentically Yours,




Jason “JG” Goldberg, MBA
Life Architect + Founder