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Praise from Rockstars I’ve had the honor of working with…

"Jason Goldberg is that rare combination of wit and wisdom that connects with people immediately. Be sure to listen to his provocative message."
Jason Goldberg is one of my favorite people on the planet. I love his light-hearted yet deep commitment to embodying wisdom for living on purpose. If you’re feeling unfulfilled and overwhelmed by the thought of making a shift in life, I’d highly encourage you to work with Jason.
Jacob Sokol
NYC, USA / Founder, Sensophy
Jason’s energy alone invites miracles. Whenever we talk I’m always reminded that whatever I have going on, whatever I am doing, it can be fun and creative. He always reminds me I can be me and that we can deal with the serious stuff whilst smiling and enjoying the process. His dedication, love and belief in his profession, his clients, the person in front of him, is contagious and inspiring. In addition to his energy and presence he has one of the biggest loving hearts I’ve ever encountered, and a unique gift in being such an entertaining and inspiring speaker and an extraordinary listener, often hearing beyond what is being said. Jason energizes success, he makes it real, he makes it fun. He is someone you will want in your life.
Phil Goddard
Jason helped me to create an action plan for my business and helped me to change my mindset about owning my own business. He knowledge, humor and support are genuine and his suggestions and ideas were so helpful! He has a knack for getting to know you and what you need and his experience with business ownership is invaluable. If you are looking for someone to help you take your business or your own personal growth to the next level, I highly recommend Jason!! Thank you!
Arizona, USA
If you are looking to live a more authentic, inspired, and fulfilled life and you want someone to guide you through the process while having amazing amounts of fun JG is your man! JG not only shares his amazing insights and wisdom but he is living these values himself and you can feel that passion and experience come through as he works with you. He will work to tailor a program just for you and where you are in the process of living a purposeful life. I'm not saying it's going to be easy, in fact in may be some of the deepest most difficult work you've done. But I will say that if you dive in whole heartedly and follow his action steps it will be life changing, and if you allow it, it will be playful and fun. I'm so glad that I've found JG and am honored to call him my coach.
Virginia, USA
Our coaching call was great. It help me see things that I already knew but hadn't listened to myself AND Jason also offer a different view and suggestions on approaching the areas we talk about. He has a very upbeat style. It was a great session. Thanks a million. You went on my gratitude list that day.
When I first started working with Jason, I was in a rut. Having run my company for over a decade, I knew I needed to do something to overcome the obstacles I have been facing on a daily basis in my life and business. Jason coached me through the challenges in transitioning from working IN the business to working ON the business. He helped me realize what I needed to do in order to take my leadership and company to the next level. He provided the insight and feedback which helped me to focus my efforts where they would provide the greatest benefit to the company and would contribute most significantly to my personal happiness. From our sessions, I have improved as a leader and have empowered my employees to take on responsibilities that will ultimately help my business to grow and thrive in the future.
Florida, USA
Jason has provided personal and professional advice and motivation. His ability to "dial in" to the issue and create unique, and more importantly, simplified solutions, or just a fresh approach/viewpoint is amazing. I've not seen in anyone else in the past 20 years. If your organization is looking for motivation, a renewal of focus, excitement, a change agent or simply an objective point of view on your strengths and weaknesses, Jason is the "go to" guy. I call it business therapy with a smile. So glad to have had an opportunity to work with Jason and hope to do so again in the near future.
Georgia, USA
It was great having an impartial 3rd party to bounce ideas off of. Jason gave me a new perspective that I had not thought about. I am in a major growth mode with my company and I need help in managing that growth. His thoughts really helped me to solidify HOW to continue to move forward without compromising my own goals and values. Many many many thanks!!!! KUDOS for all you do! XOXOXOX
Florida, USA
Thank you thank you thank you Jason, for a mid day motivational kick in the a**. It made the rest of my day unfold completely differently. I can't wait to do it again!
Washington, USA
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