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Published on July 16th, 2013 | by Jason Goldberg

Wanna get high? – Why RIGHT NOW is the time you MUST give to others.

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OH YEAH, its that time again! This is Jason Goldberg and YOU are watching MEometryTV, THE place to be to yearn more, learn more and earn more from your life and business.

Do you consider yourself a giver?  Whether its time or money, heart or soul, are you someone who selflessly gives to others?  I’m guessing if you are watching this video and you are a follower of MEometry than you are definitely a giver in some way shape or form, because us givers like to stick by and feed off of each other.

It could be that you volunteer with a local charity; maybe you mentor young people; or maybe you are THAT friend that people always call on to listen to their issues and help them get through the tough times.  You don’t do it because you want or expect something in return, you don’t do it out of necessity or guilt but because you are aware that one of the only ways to truly be happy is to be of service to others.  Damn, you are awesome!

Well I guess that’s all, See ya next time on MEometryTV!

Ok, you aren’t getting off THAT easy!  You are a giver but you know what else you are?  Human! Which automatically means, imperfect.  So maybe you can’t always be mother Theresa and that is OK!…

Sometimes we get in a giving “mood” and that’s a great freakin place to be.  We just crave doing for others, we feel a need to give or give back, to help someone in need, to open the door for the person carrying the baby, the diaper bag and the drink carrier, oh happy rainbow and flowery day, aren’t we special.  Well yes we are, BUT what about those other days.  Don’t act coy, you know EXACTLY the days I’m talking about.  The boss or an angry customer belittled you in front of your co-workers, that schmuck cut you off in traffic and made you miss your exit, your spouse forgot to pick up the dry cleaning and now you don’t have your lucky suit for your big meeting tomorrow.  Now quick, go do something nice for someone else!  Not so easy huh? All of a sudden the rainbows and flowers turn into tornados and cow dung. The LAST thing you are thinking about is helping someone else when your day is in a freefall mode.  But ya know what, I’ve learned from research and personal experience that this is the exact time that you MUST give to others!

A number of scientific studies have shown that when we even THINK of giving to a charity, we get a high! Giving activates the same part of the brain that is associated with the pleasures of eating and sex…um HELLO!? Who doesn’t want more of THOSE feelings more often…But we, of course, want to go beyond THINKING about giving and actually give, even when it is the furthest thing from our mind.  I think people have a misconception sometimes that giving has to be some grand gesture.  Building a house with volunteers or participating in a multi-hour food drive for example.  Those are wonderful and REALLY valuable things to do, but are probably not practical for you to do every day.  So how can we be of service to others, showing genuine love and compassion when we ourselves are in a funk?  Knowing that doing just that will help break our slump, and build sustainable levels of happiness for ourselves and those around us, here are 3 quick and powerful ways to make it happen:

1. Embrace technology: Now I don’t mean trying to cheer yourself up by looking at Facebook to see how much weight your ex has gained.  I’m talking about making someone else’s day without leaving your chair.  Send an email to a co-worker letting them know you genuinely appreciate something they did in a meeting or pick up the phone and call a friend to tell them how truly grateful you are to have them in your life.  This could take literally 5 minutes or less but the effects of such giving can carry you and the recipient happily through the rest of the day and instantly change your attitude.

2. Create a ripple: In my opinion, the best kind of giving is the kind that radiates out and inspires others.  One way to do that is give in a way that forces others to be a part of the process.  A quick story of a time that I did this.  Those who know me well know that I sometimes refer to myself as the “Coffee Shop Coach” because I love working from my neighborhood Starbucks whenever I get the chance.  One day I was doing just that but for whatever reason I was in a total poop spiral.  I was in a bad mood, letting my doubts and insecurities get the best of me.  Because I know the power of giving, I knew that the only way to QUICKLY snap out of it was to give to someone else, somehow!  I decided I would buy a $5 Starbucks gift card and give it to a random stranger.  Just the thought of that made me excited and started lifting my spirits.  I went to the counter to purchase it and was taken care of by a barista that I feel always seems to be in a bad mood.  I instantly saw a tremendous opportunity.  I asked for the gift card, paid for it and then asked him to do me a favor.  He reluctantly agreed (typical conflicted emo kid response) and I told him the favor was that he needed to hold onto the gift card and give it randomly to someone, anyone that he wanted, sometime before the end of his shift.  For the first time ever, I saw an instant state change within him.  He was a little confused at first, then smiled, and told me that was the coolest thing he had ever seen anyone do.  Then I got a super cool treat.  I went back to my work, still sitting in the coffee shop and got to witness him give the gift card to someone an hour or so later.  He seemed so happy to be the bearer of the gift and the person who received it was visibly thrilled!  A mere 5 bucks created AT LEAST 3 layers of happiness…mine, the barista and the woman who got the gift card.  Who knows, she may have done something really nice for someone else later that day based on that experience she had and so the infinite ripple continues.

And last but certainly not least:

3. Be of service to YOU: This one may seem like a trick but I assure it isn’t.  This one involves giving to someone who I am betting is pretty under-served, especially in the rough times, YOU!  Doing for others is so rewarding and is our small contribution to building a better and kinder world, but sometimes we need to do the same for ourselves.  When you are overwhelmed, stressed or have negative feelings steering your ship, cut yourself some slack yo!  Paying more attention to how we are feeling and actively treating ourselves with more kindness will actually help us to be more optimistic, more open AND to give more to others.  Self-care is not indulgent or self-centered.  In fact it is the best way to ensure that you are healthy enough to truly be of service to the world.

This brings to mind one of my favorite quotes on giving by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”

Now as you know, we yearn, learn and earn exponentially more when we share our gifts with each other.  I want to hear from you, so leave a comment below and tell us how it makes you feel to give and feel free to share some cool stories of unique or creative ways you have given in the past.

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Remember that you and your gifts are extraordinary and exceptional.  Be You, Do You, and Love You because you know there is only one OF you!

See you next time on MEometryTV

Authentically Yours,

Jason Goldberg

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